Friday, May 1, 2009

Women's Conference.

My friend Susan asked me more than a month ago if I wanted to attend the BYU Women's Conference with the theme "In the Strength of the Lord" on May 1. I said sure! Just this week, I decided that I would attend some of Thursdays sessions while Davis was at school, as long as I could be back when he got home from school. So, I did. I actually saw Susan yesterday after the first session (she was with her Mom and one of her Sisters). They let me hang out and eat lunch with them, which was nice not to be alone. I am so glad I went. First of all, there isn't anything like being with a dear friend. Secondly, these conferences are good for a rejuvenation lift of the soul. Something that I have sorely needed!
Jeff actually came home early from work today so that he would be here for Davis. Nice, not to worry about Davis. Nice to have Jeff come home early. Nice to be able to go. Nice to have a great husband!
This picture was from the closing session today. I took the picture with my non flash cell phone (lest you think I broke the no flash photography rule). The stadium holds about 22,000 (or is it 23,000) people. It was more than half full. Still, that's alot of women!
One of my favorite sessions was "The infinite power of hope" based on a talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. A father/daughter team spoke and did an excellent job, Elizabeth and John S. Tanner.
One of the things he talked about, that touched me: Cultivating companion virtues to Hope. 1. Charity/Service. 2. Gratitude. 3. Eternal perspective and promises. 4. Testimony of and relationship to Jesus Christ.
Another thing that he talked about was about Trials. That the trial within the trial is the Lords timetable. He said the promises may seem afar off but they are Sure and secure. They are underwritten by the Savior. Who by the way, is "not a distant by-stander".
It was beautiful and personal. Even though there were hundreds of women in the large college ballroom, they talked to us, as if we were the only ones in the room. Sweet.

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Valerie said...

Yay!!! for women's conference. I love it, but missed it this year. Thanks for posting some notes. I can't wait for some of the classes to be posted so I can listen to them.
Hope you don't mind a stranger popping by.