Monday, May 4, 2009

That's a lot of laundry!

Semi-proof that I'm capable of having a clothes-free chair.
Sometimes when I am feeling really overwhelmed or I'm reading a really good book, I let the laundry go. I keep up with getting the clothes clean, because that's easy. I slack on folding, ironing (or not) and putting away.
I remember vividly a night from many years ago when I was working night shift as a nurse. I had two very young kids and we were working on getting Jeff through college. On this one night, a few of us young nurses and respiratory therapist were talking about how hard it was to keep the house clean when we were so tired. I said, "sometimes I will go days without washing my dishes and have stacks in the sink". Others would say they did too. One young respiratory therapist gasped in surprise and relief when she cried out saying, "I do too, I thought I was the only one!" It gave us some comfort that we weren't the only ones neglecting our homes when we were struggling to be with our children during the day and have enough sleep.
I haven't talked with anyone recently about my lapses in upkeep in laundry and right now I am a stay at home mom with not as many excuses. Frankly, I really don't care if I'm the only one or not. There are somethings I am good at and somethings I'm not. I don't wait nearly as long with the dishes (now I have a dishwasher and a child that takes turns doing some dishes). I really do iron clothes more now than ever before (see this). I occasionally will apologize to Jeff if the laundry sits for too long. He always says, "Look at me, do I care. It doesn't matter to me." I know that if I asked him to help me he would (because I have asked and he has helped). I know that it doesn't hurt anyone to rummage through clean clothes to get something they need or want. Sometimes there are more important things to do.
There are worst things to neglect. Plus, there will always be more laundry and I can always do it tomorrow.

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Mo said...

Me too. Great pile of laundry, both clean pile and dirty pile.