Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New old car.

We have had one less car than drivers and Jeff has been riding his scooter most days to work, so it hasn't made much difference. But, if it rains or for any other reason that it's not safe for Jeff to ride his scooter to work, we'd be stuck. Oh, we could finagle it somehow. It just wouldn't be convenient. Well, Jeff's parents had a third car and Jeff asked them if we could buy it from them. They offered to give it to us. However, they did need a laptop computer real bad and didn't know how they could pay for it. So, on Monday, Jeff bought a laptop computer for them at Sam's club and they gave us the car. I know we got the better deal. I took it today to get the emission tested and it passed, so we can finish registering it in our name. I didn't know that St. George people didn't have to get the emissions tested for their cars. Don't they have an environment down there? Anyway. We are very grateful for this needed and unexpected gift. It's a 1991 Mercedes. It's very well cared for and beautiful. Jeff's dad is quite the handy man and therefore, it is in great shape. I think this makes us cooler than we are without it. Lucky and blessed us!

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