Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st.

April Fools Day is my least favorite day.
To me, it's kind of like playing "Jinks". You know, when someone says the same word at the same time, then someone calls out, "Jinks"!
Once when I was about 5 or 6 I was talking with my best friend and one of my sisters. During this conversation I said the same word as someone else and someone said Jinks and teased and teased. So, I punched my friend in the stomach.
I'm not proud of it. But I have never liked that silly game "Jinks". And I feel the same about April Fools Day. I just have never liked to be teased.
I didn't allow my kids to play "Jinks" either.
I know, what a kill joy.
I have said, "You have a spider on your head" for April Fools Day to the kids when they were young or something else unclever like that.
I think serving foods for April Fools Day (I've seen fried eggs, broccoli, toast, etc.) that are actually candy or cake is a very clever thing to do and I wish I was that clever (maybe one day).

Some teasing can be fun but there is a line between teasing and being cruel. I don't mind April Fools jokes that are silly and clever but I really don't like the cruel ones.
Enough said.

I know. I'm silly AND boring.

It snowed today and I'm so ready for Spring!

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