Monday, April 26, 2010

Can you ever spray paint too much? I think not!

This cute plastic wicker settee fell apart on Saturday as I moved it to spray paint.
It once fell apart just a few years ago and my Dad was able to rescue it enough that it has sat in it's present location for many years.
I got it for Mother's Day about 14 years ago when we lived in Florida.
It's not 100% plastic.
It has survived near hurricane weather and the snow and heat of Utah.
So it makes me a little sad that it will have to go to the dump this weekend.
It's past fixing.
This one is also plastic.
I have seen and liked (but not for inside my house) a lot of yellow in home decorating.
So, I thought of using it for outside.
I was going to paint the other settee this bright yellow.
So, I came up with a cheap alternative to use what I have and just buy spray paint.
I have some oldish chairs that we recently replaced (oh, how I loved them).
Almost each one is broken.
I thought I would paint three chairs different colors and have them replace the old plastic wicker settee.
 This wooden chair (which will be the third wooden chair) has been outside for years and is very weather beaten and is almost falling apart.
I originally tried to paint the little bistro set a light yellow but I thought it was too light and loved this bright yellow.
I love this blue color.
I am also painting two bird houses (that I have had for years) different colors.
I have had a set of metal flowers that are autumn colors that I had an epiphany today to spray paint them too!
I don't know why I haven't thought of it before.
I know there's a chance it all could look ridiculous!
I don't care.
I am a spray painting fool!
The colors make me happy!

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