Friday, April 16, 2010

Daffodils and little purple pansies.

I love daffodils!
I think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the scene where Willy Wonka eats the teacup that looks like a daffodil.
Did that really happen?
And it makes me happy that Spring is here and daffodils are everywhere.
We have a few scattered daffodils and I love it!
I bought a few pansies from the grocery store.
I really wanted to buy a flat of little purple pansies from a garden nursery but I didn't have time.
The grocery store had some and I went to the grocery store.
I love purple pansies.
Did you sing that song about the little purple pansies when you were young?
I did.
It was one of my favorites.

There are signs of green on some of the trees.
Some don't even have buds yet.
But I nearly gasped when I saw this tree.
I know. I am easily surprised and delighted.

There is still a lot of brown from the winter.
The snow just barely melted.
Yesterday was the most beautiful day yet.
I even did some work in the garden.
I just couldn't resist.

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