Monday, April 5, 2010

Two new books!

Saturday night was Girls Night Out because the boys went to General Conference Priesthood Session. How fun that my girls wanted to do something with me!
So, we went and saw How to Train Your Dragon. It was a cute movie even though it was a cartoon (I think I had cartoon overload when the kids were young and have a difficult time with most cartoons now).
Sheyla loves that movie. I concede that it is a fun and cute movie.
We then went to Chick-fil-A at the mall to eat and then walked around.
After the mall we got frozen custard and/or yogurt at a Farrs Ice Cream place. Yummy!
Then, we went to Barns and Noble Bookstore and wandered and salivated over books.
I found the two cutest books!
I am SOOOO excited about these books!
I actually went looking for two other books and realized they would be too difficult for me (for now).
I found these two and fell in love!
I cannot believe how much I LOVE these books!
They are so adorable and it seems I may be able to make most of the items in the books.
Did I say how much I LOVE these books!

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