Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday dinner.

This cute couple brought this cute little dog (they are babysitting her).
She has an adorable squeaky, almost non-existent bark.
Chris is leaving soon for Kentucky to try his hand at selling pest control and as soon as he can, will send for his adorable 15 week pregnant wife.
I took this silly girl up to Salt Lake last week to sign up for school.
We drove around to look at the apartment and job potentials.
Once again in a matter of one month (well two years ago it was actually 1 1/2 months) 3 of my four kids are moving on or out to the big big world.
Although, this time, two of them are now married and already out (but they have lived close by).
I will still miss them all.

Yes, that is painters tape on the walls.
Still not done.

This one didn't want her picture taken and pouted.
She has been quite sick for about a month.
They ruled out Lupus and are still trying to figure out what's wrong.
The last few days she has been worse with what they are treating with antibiotics because they thought she had strep throat but now they think she may have Mono.
She is one sick girl.
How I ache to take care of her.
I am grateful she married someone who is so thoughtful and kind.
He is taking such good care of her.
They are leaving soon for Alaska so he can try his hand at selling alarm systems this summer to save up money for school next year.

This silly one, had meetings much of the day.
Luckily he was able to come home for dinner.
I'm lucky he is such a good guy.
This one is now obsessed with skate boards.
He fell on Saturday and skinned his hands and knees.
He now has protective pads for most everything without being wrapped up in bubble wrap and he still looks like a cool skate boarding teenager.

I LOVE Sunday dinners.

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