Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ikea and being distracted.

I took Sheyla up to Salt Lake City today and on the way home we dropped by Ikea to buy the fourth and last chair (of those funky white chairs---which makes two on each side of our table with the wood chairs on the ends).

We spotted this amazing expandable table and I drooled.
It can hold fourteen people comfortably.
We have had twelve people for dinner but more frequently, we have 8.
And our family is growing.

I gasped when I saw this cool and funky light.
But it's made of paper.

I bought 1 yard of super cute fabric at Ikea and a pillow insert to make a pillow for the window seat to replace one that I just recovered that has an old and very lumpy pillow in it.
And that brings me to the distracted part.
I have more than three big walls I need to paint and I have been easily and often purposely distracted.
And last night I planted some flowers.
So, what do I do today?
Other than several other errands out of town and laundry and organizing and the kids that are at home need attention and taking Davis to guitar lessons that were canceled last week but we found out after he went to the door and no one was home and then he remembered what his teacher told him last week and planting the rest of the flowers and watering flowers and plants in the house and working on the book I'm making for Britni and doing the dishes and reading the paper and watching American Idol (as if all I did was work) and family scripture and prayer and life!
I find more projects to add to my multiplying list of projects.
It's frustrating and fun all at the same time!
I don't know how other people get so much done!
I'm even a stay at home mom with the youngest being a teenager.
In my defense, I have had much to do with my family which takes precedence over projects.
And some times I am just too tired.
Or there is laundry.
Or I like to read the paper.
Or I want to read a book (I just finished The Help by the way and it's fantastic).
Or there is a movie I have to watch.
Or I am just too tired.
Or there's something else to do.

There's always tomorrow to put off projects.
(I really am lucky, by the way, to do all the things I do and all the things I don't.)


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