Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol.

I love watching American Idol. We didn't watch the first season but got captured by the second. We would have Chinese food every week while we watched AI results show. But now that only Jeff and I like watching it (Sheyla is on her mission but stopped watching it a couple seasons ago and Britni is not living here any more, and Chris and Davis don't really like watching it), more often than not, we watch it after we record it with the DVR.
This year I love Kris Allen, he is my favorite. He has such a good sound to his voice and a quirky way he sings out the side of his mouth that is adorable. We also love Allison, the red hair chic, who is only 16 and amazing. She sounds and looks like she has been singing for ages. Adam Lambert, the Broadway star, is uber talented, but I wouldn't buy his album because he yells so much while he sings. Matt the piano player is very good too. The Gokey kid is very good too but not my favorite.
One of the most fun things about watching AI, is talking about AI. I loved being able to talk with the kids who they liked and why or laughing about the silly tryouts. Now Jeff and I talk about AI and that is fun too.
How amazing for these people to have something that can catapult them to stardom. It is fun to watch and sometimes, uncomfortable to watch when they aren't so good, or get too big for their britches. I wonder who gets voted off next?


Anonymous said...

I like American Idol - Nice blog

Mo said...

Guess you have to see it to understand any of this