Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lucky girl.

Last night we tried to see a movie. I even prepaid for the tickets but because we ate dinner and had a couple of things to do before we left, by the time we got to the theater there were only front row seats left. I get sick if I sit in the front row when I watch a movie. So we got rain tickets for another time. I was a little bummed because I really wanted to see this movie. Actually, I've been wanting to see a movie for quite some time. But it was not meant to be. Jeff said, "Let's go shopping." Jeff is great in so many ways, but shopping is not one of the things he likes to do, but because he is so great in so many other ways, it doesn't matter. He said he really wanted to buy me something. So off to a couple stores we went. I found three nice, dress outfits that were so cute and more money than I would ever choose to spend. But he said, "Let's get them, you need them, you like them. You'll need to get some shoes to match." I was worried. "Are you sick?" I said. "Nope, I really want to do this." He replied. Wow. I got three pairs of shoes! He was there with me the whole time. Really weird but nice. He really wanted to make me happy.
Today we have been busy getting the house ready for a bunch of family and only a few friends that are coming over for lunch tomorrow. Chris is giving a homecoming talk in church and they are coming to support him. We also had Jeffs parents, brother and three of his kids come tonight for dinner. We also had a girl over that Chris went out with last night, she came over with her parents, for dinner tonight. Chris found out that her father served in the same mission that Jeff did, in Guatemala, over 23 years ago. Jeff helped me clean the house today. We went to Sam's Club to shop for food. He worked hard and I appreciate how much he did and how well he cleaned. Like I said. Lucky girl.

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