Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thank you, Kirby Heyborne.

We went to Salt Lake City on Thursday night. Jeff met us up there and we had dinner together. On our way to find a place to eat we saw Kirby Heyborne in the distance talking with a fan. We went into the Joseph Smith Memorial building on our way to see if we wanted to eat in there. We went into the massive lobby and we saw Kirby Heyborne meet his family (we do assume it was his family). So Jeff and I turned around because we didn't want to bother him. But, Christopher wanted to meet him and he isn't shy. So when we went back to see Chris he was talking with Kirby. Then Kirby's wife was taking a picture of them with Chris's phone. So I snapped a picture too. But, Kirby said, "were you all looking at that camera, let's take another and look at your mom." So, he graciously took another picture and this is the one. He shook our hands and asked us our names. Chris had told him that he just came home from a mission and Kirby was so excited about that. He was very cute and very nice.
We have the RM, The Singles Ward, The Best Two Years and Saints and Soldiers. My favorite is Saints and Soldiers. My favorite LDS genre movie is The Best Two Years. I told him we probably paid for one of his shoes. He laughed.
Britni saw him at the Thrillionaires and said he was very funny. He also is a singer and has some Cd's and he puts on concerts. We texted Britni to tell her who we saw. She was very jealous!
I like him even more now. He was a doll!

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