Monday, April 13, 2009

Beautiful scenery and remembering a dog named Wilson.

Friday evening there was a mist of rain, it had been raining for most of the day. There was snow in the mountains. It was still so beautiful, so I took some more pictures. Yes, this is just behind our house. I am so grateful I live here, every single day.

Different view right behind our house. Just as beautiful.
This is looking down our street. I took a picture like this before but things are starting to get green. It was a wet, overcast day.
Saturday Jeff and I watched Marley and Me in our room. The cat came up and just plopped on Jeff. Silly Cat.
Marley and Me is such a cute, good movie. It reminds us of our dog Wilson. We got Wilson from a shelter when we lived in Florida. He was a Sheltie mix. He was Britni's dog. He loved to chew on things. We would find barbie and toy parts in his poop in the back yard. But he loved us and was with us for just about 11 years. He would walk the kids to the bus stop here in Utah. He would watch for them and go pick them up. He loved us and was such a good dog. He tolerated all the other animals we had over the years. Even sleeping with a cat in the garage. He had cancer on his legs and was having a hard time walking. He would whine more when he had to move. Just in October, Jeff took him in to the Veterinarian and they put Wilson to sleep. Jeff was laying right beside him when he went. I can imagine the way it happened by what Jeff told me and knowing Wilson. He kept his eyes on Jeff and calmly cooperated with the doctor. I'm glad Jeff was with him so Wilson knew we loved him and Jeff told him so. He died just a couple of weeks before Marley and Me came out. So, that movie makes us think of Wilson. I cried watching the movie the first time and I cried Saturday night. I was reminded of a loving dog that was with us through the ups and downs of family life. We were lucky to find him.
This is a picture I took yesterday, on Sunday. It was warming up to be a beautiful day. I just couldn't resist. The grass is getting greener. Buds are forming on the trees. Spring is still thinking about blossoming! It all makes me happy!

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