Thursday, April 16, 2009

My red bedroom.

I'm going to try posting at night instead of the morning. Mainly because I am not a morning person and secondly I like to find things during the day that are interesting or that I want to share. This is my red bedroom. Yes, I know there is blue carpet. That's why I painted the ceiling red too. I would LOVE new flooring but that will have to wait for a bit longer. For many years I wanted a red bedroom. So, I painted our room red. Jeff is so good to let me do what I want.
I really want to get some drapes but have worried about the cost. I am close to going to Ikea and seeing if I can find something that works there. I just recently added the turquoise accents. I know it won't win any awards, but I love it! Notice the cat in the window and Addie on the chair. They really do love me.
I know it isn't Feng Shui to have a tv in the bedroom. But I like watching tv in bed.
I fell in love with The Kiss by Gustav Klimt when we lived in Florida. I bought a print and had it framed cheaply. I love that picture. It reminds me of how much Jeff loves me even after all these years.
Our room is long and narrow. These are the doors that go to the closet and bathroom. Yes, they are swinging doors. There are a few changes I want to make in my room but they must be inexpensive. Change is the spice of life.

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