Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Home Evening.

Throughout our garden, throughout Spring, pop up beautiful scattered treasures, this is one of them. I took this picture yesterday. Too bad I didn't keep my camera because less than an hour later, I found four deer in our front garden. This morning this flower is gone. Deer.
We wanted to go walking for Family Home Evening. So we piled in the truck and went to Salem. There is a sweet walking trail amongst fields, swamps and cows. It is very pretty but there are lots of bugs. The baby cows are so cute and curious. The man that owns the land made a walking trail for his wife. How is that for love. It's not quite a whole mile, round trip. But it is paved and has a few benches, ponds, plants and animals. He welcomes anyone to come and walk.
It was beautiful as the sun was setting. We didn't walk too fast. We walked for about a half an hour. Talked a lot, walked a little. Davis had fun with his Trikke. A three wheeled, standing contraption that he loves riding. He went around the loop five times to our two times. After wards we bought Davis a chocolate milkshake. He is very skinny and the rest of us didn't need one.
This picture was taken with my phone. It was a gorgeous day and a nice way to spend the evening.

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