Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our little actress.

Britni is finishing up her first year of college, this week. She has had a full and challenging year. She is a theater major which is no surprise to anyone that knows and loves her.
Britni has had some great rolls this year. I know, I am her mother, and I'm biased in my opinion of how great she is. She really is a great actress. She has always been a passionate and dramatic person but in the first grade she showed us the future with a darling rendition of Anastasia. I helped Britni with a dance she mostly made up and I also got the costume for her to be Anastasia for a talent show. She had to try out for a chance to even perform for the after school talent show. Make it, she did. Everyone loved her and I heard great comments for months. She showed us what she was capable of with that show. I wasn't surprised when she was Juliet in the 9th grade, nor when she was in a play at the Hale Center Theater as a senior in High School or Antigone in High School, or with every other part she has had since the first grade. She is breathtaking on and off the stage.
Britni has worked hard for every part she got. She didn't get any big rolls in middle or junior high but she took every roll she was given and worked, learned and willed to be better. She is remarkable. I so adore her. We will soon be planning her wedding. She just made a part in a play at school and seems anxious to make it all work with her new roll as a fiance. She is growing up so fast but I have no doubt that whatever she tackles she will do so with the passion and tenacity that we have grown to know and love so much!

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Anonymous said...

Britni is darling! It's hard to believe she's old enough to be in college, it looks like she's still in high school! I loved theatre myself, glad she's following her passions and dreams.