Monday, April 20, 2009

Chris is growing up.

Chris has grown up so much in the ten months he has been gone. He gave a great talk yesterday about strengthening Home and Family and gave some good missionary experiences. He used an outline, gave a great talk and made it look easy. Not only that, but yesterday morning he didn't get into the shower until we gave him a hard time at 8:22, and then he was ready to leave for church ON TIME at 8:51. Prior to his mission he wouldn't have been able to get ready so quickly and be so happy about it.
This is Britni with Chris. She was in New York when we dropped Chris off at the MTC. I didn't want her to feel left out with the next picture. They ALL are growing up. We should have taken a picture yesterday. I don't always think smartly.
Look how fresh faced and eager Chris looks. The world before him! He worked so hard on his mission. He has grown so much. It may be difficult at times but we know he is capable and already we see some relief and hope for a bright future! We really are proud of him and love him with all our hearts!
The luncheon was a success, even though not as many people came as I thought would come. Which is ok. We missed all those that couldn't make it. There was plenty of family and friends to welcome Chris and support him when he gave his talk. We enjoyed every one's company at lunch. Yummy food, lots of noise and love.

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