Friday, August 21, 2009

Craft Faire tomorrow.

Davis comes up with ideas of new inventions or new money making plans nearly everyday and usually it's about 20 new ideas each day. So, it was with some excitement when he saw Christopher's girlfriend sell some leather cuffs at a farmer's market. But this time I thought there was some possibility for Davis to sell something he could make (it is very cost prohibitive and technically impossible to sell solar panel cars or backpacks or tents when you don't have cheap access to the supplies nor the knowledge to make such items).
So he has been practicing putting snaps on pieces of cut, vintage leather belts. Our town is having a craft faire tomorrow and the booths are FREE so I thought that would also be the perfect reason for Davis to try his hand in selling something. But he has had some frustration with the snaps. We ordered some on line from the Tandy Leather Company but it's not so easy for this 15 year old kid to get the hang of putting on these snaps. So, yesterday I drove all the way up to Salt Lake City to the Tandy Leather Company to buy some more snaps and see if I could learn how to do it myself (Davis was in school). I went up there and the people at the store were very nice and super helpful. I got a great lesson in putting on the snaps and stamping raw leather and now, I feel I can help Davis with the cuffs.
We only have a few pre-made cuffs because if you wait till the fair then you can custom make them for the individual and they can pick the piece they want. It's quite brilliant, but it's not our idea.
I made the sign for the booth. I thought I was quite clever with the name and the colorful banner (I borrowed the frame from my sister). Don't look too closely. It'll do.

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