Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday.

We went out to dinner for my birthday last night. I chose Pizzeria 712 (I've talked about this place before). Yum! Chris invited Amanda.
Davis came too. He doesn't look too happy here. He doesn't like getting his picture taken. He doesn't like the pizza all that well (although, we may have found a pizza he was happy about). He was very happy for all the people who came. Everyone else liked the pizza. We ordered six pizzas! Yummy!
Jeff had to work during the day, of course, but he still tried to make my day special, like he always does.
Britni and Adam came too. Britni was very thoughtful and gave me a nicely framed picture of the both of us. That was very sweet of her to remember me. Sheyla sent me a cute talking card the other day. It was very sweet of her to remember me while she is out busy and working so hard on her mission.
Jeff's parents came too. They happened to be passing through town on their way home from a two week vacation in Idaho (mostly). Jeff's mom sent me a card and money (I don't think you can get old enough not to appreciate that) a couple of weeks ago that was very sweet. I invited my parents too but my Mom broke her foot on Saturday and is not doing well. So we will excuse them, this time.
Even though I will not be getting my bike yet (we just went to Yellowstone, had a wedding exactly a month ago and we have a missionary out too), it was a nice celebration for my birthday to have so many here to celebrate with me.
After wards, we all went to Roosters Dumpling and Noodle Bar (I've talked about this place before) JUST for dessert! Each couple shared (Davis had his own) a Chocolate Lava Pudding Cake. Wow, is that scrumptious, decadent and yummy! It really IS that good to go JUST for the dessert! A nice way to end my 44 th birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (Belated)-Mine was on the 9th! We August Babies sure are a special group! What a great day you had!

Not quite there yet... said...

Thank you! You are right, we are special! Hope you had a great birthday too!