Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of football.

Davis has wanted to play football for a long time. We thought it was too late for him to sign up for school football. We went to the school to register yesterday and Davis told someone that he wanted to play football. Well, she was the right one to tell because she then got him the paperwork and told us he'd have to get a sports physical to practice today. She also took him to meet with the coach.
We went to the InstaCare yesterday but they said insurance won't cover sports physicals. But the front desk got Davis an appointment with his primary care physician for 8:15 this morning. He was to be at the school by 9:30. We were there by 9:00. Davis took the paperwork to the coach, by himself, who told him he needed to take it to the office and get a receipt. So we did. Davis then took the receipt to the coach, by himself, and then about 10 minutes later he came out a side door dressed in a uniform and walked out to the field. For Davis, this is a huge task. We talked to him about how hard it's going to be and that he may only get to play in practice. He said he didn't care and that he really wanted to play football. Today on the way to the school, he said, "I will be so happy if I can play football."
We are going to encourage and help Davis play football as much as we can. The rest is up to him and he's already come a long way just by walking across the field and sitting with the team.

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