Monday, August 24, 2009

The education of a son and a mom.

Davis painted one cuff on Friday. I painted many (too many).
Davis did help get some things ready for Saturday.
It was a very hot but beautiful day. It was our city's celebration day that just happened to have a craft faire. We only sold five cuffs. Luckily the booth was free.
It made Davis happy for part of the day. It was a long hot day.

Jeff was a great help. Davis learned a lot and so did I (and it wasn't all good). But we did have some fun hanging out together. We had a yummy lunch (the best philly steak sandwiches). Grandparents came to visit. We got to talk to and meet lots of nice people. We learned a new craft and now we can give leather cuffs as gifts for a long time.

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