Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday dinner.

I have two older sisters and two younger sisters (and one younger brother). One of my cute younger sisters and her husband (and two girls and a boy fetus) is moving away from Utah and back to Tuscon, Arizona. So, today we had Sunday dinner in their honor to say good bye.
My parents came (they live just a few miles away).
My husband had grill duty. He also helped me clean the house and set up tables, chairs and a canopy (if you say that fast it sounds like... can of pea or pee).
These little cousins had fun together (well one is my niece and the rest are actual cousins (daughters and a son of two of MY nieces). Adorable.
This little one is quite the mama's girl. Very cute.
This one wasn't smiling but I got a hint of a smile and a great shot of a cute little girl.
This one likes to pose.
Most of us ate outside and some of us ate inside.
This one is a darling baby (third girl) of one of my nieces.
Chris and Amanda are cute and adorable.
Dinner turned out great and I'm glad so many of the family came over.
I need to remember I don't need to clean up as much as I do.
We will miss my sister and her cute little family.

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