Monday, August 17, 2009

Leaves are starting to turn...

Yesterday I noticed on the mountains, very small areas where the leaves are starting to turn colors. I have noticed in the nine years we have lived here, that mid-August is when the first signs of fall begin to appear. It always makes me a little sad. I do love fall but I love summer more and it means that it's getting closer till it snows.
I am done with two of the four chairs. I originally got the chairs for Britni. She said she wanted to help me with the redo but was always very busy (understandably). Just a week before they got married and days before they moved their stuff in their apartment she told me they needed a small square table because their kitchen is so small (it is very, very cute). Instead of redoing these chairs for Britni, we got them a small square table from Ikea with two cool chairs. I thought I'd put these two chairs in Davis's room in case he has a friend over that needs a chair too. So far for Davis's new room, I have only spent money on paint.
I do like how the chairs turned out. I even used left over material from Ikea from years ago.
Davis had a real cool teacher in the 8th grade. He had a long, long ponytail. He was so good with the kids in the class and a really good teacher. He gave Davis that dream catcher. It will be an eclectic and cool room for an eclectic and cool kid.

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