Friday, August 14, 2009

Working on Davis's room.

On Monday (my birthday) I finished painting Davis's new room (Britni's old room). It's tan, I know (it was purple, so I HAD to paint it for Davis), but it is more grown up and neutral. I also finished painting this desk on Wednesday night. I got it from DI for $15 years ago (it was in Britni's closet) and I'm just getting around to painting it. I should have taken a before picture because this is a transformation, I assure you.
These shelves I have yet to paint for his room. This IS the before picture. These shelves (which were originally dark stained) are the first furniture purchase we made together as a young married couple. Not the best but it went well with our hand-me-down plaid sofa and orange recliner. It's true. I painted these shelves for Davis when his room was blue with a touch of orange. At the time I thought it was cute. Now I think it is atrocious!
For now we have a twin bed in the room because our Nephew is staying with us for several days before he moves into his new apartment. He is using the full bed, in Sheyla's room. He is about 6 feet 5 inches. So even the full bed is too small for him but not as small as a twin bed. The twin bed is too small for Davis who is 6 feet 1 inches but he's shorter than his cousin. I have many creative plans for this room. Now, I just need to work on them! School starts on Wednesday!
We have many yummy tomatoes and only a few cucumbers from our garden! Yum!

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