Friday, August 7, 2009


After 23 1/2 years, we still got it! I wanted to pretend pose for the camera. Just for fun.
And it was fun.
There were so many falls and cascades in Yellowstone! It was amazing, fun, and an adventure to find them!
It rained and hailed for part of a day. It just made it that more dramatic to see things in Yellowstone.
This was at Sheepeaters Cliff. Basalt Lava Columns. How cool is that!
I think we were cramping Davis's style at times. He was a good sport for most of the trip. He had mostly fun. We went swimming in the hotel pool and relaxed in the hot tub every night except Sunday. We even drove 22 miles to get some soil (somewhere in Idaho) for Davis to look for gold (you cannot take soil, dirt or anything natural away from Yellowstone). That made him happy.

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