Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My hero.

The car that Chris uses, broke down Sunday night and was left on the side of a road twenty minutes away. I had to pick him up at his girlfriends house. I let him use my car after I had a meeting during the day that I had to cut short, and later, I took him to work 35 minutes away. Jeff picked him up after work.
After dinner, Jeff got his tools and we headed for the car (without Chris because he just got up and left, right before we had dinner). Jeff checked the battery and took it out and we went to an automotive store and had them check the battery. Sure enough that was the problem but it took twenty minutes for them to charge the battery.
Then he cleaned some connections, got the battery connected and immediately the car started. Jeff is not a mechanic but does surprise me in what he can fix, at times.
I don't use the car but I would have to share mine so it was a very nice thing and more than convenient for the both of us that Jeff was able to fix the car.
He even brought me dried mangoes, just because I like them. That's hero enough for me.

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