Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Even more Yellowstone pictures.

There was wildlife everywhere in Yellowstone. We didn't get to see a moose, however, and that makes me a little sad.

That is an American Bald Eagle.
This is just a lovely shot after a nice day. There is some sort of bird in that bare tree.
I tried three times to post the picture that I took of a little bear. The bear is in the bushes and you can only see the top of his head and cute little ears. My camera isn't very fast and when we ran down the street to see what everyone was looking at I didn't want to get too close but I wanted a picture of a bear! When a truck drove by the bear, he looked up with the cutest face and turned and ran. I wish I had reflexes of a Puma.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd want to follow you on your next vacation--not in a stalking way--LOL What an amazing experience! We're definitely going to have to rethink next years vacation!

Not quite there yet... said...

That's funny! It really was an amazing vacation! Thanks!