Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Parakeet, 5.0

Davis wanted a parakeet for his 11th birthday, which is September 9th. We had to take Davis out of school the January before because he was having problems with hearing voices and dealing with life. He had just started attending school in August, for half day for the fifth grade, just a few weeks before his birthday. It had been a real rough 9 months. We already had a dog and two cats at that time. The dog was Britni's and the cats, Christopher's and Sheyla's. Davis really wanted a parakeet and couldn't stop talking about it. Our thoughts were that we wanted to help him be happy and it would help him to take care of something. This is our 5th parakeet since then. One of them was given to us and was found in a dogs (not our dogs) mouth. He didn't last long because he was so ornery and got sick. We haven't been lucky with parakeets. We just go back to the store and Davis will pick out another.
I don't know if the parakeets have helped Davis or not. I love the noises and songs that parakeets sing. I can hope that Davis does too.

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