Friday, March 13, 2009

Britni's room.

We repainted Britni's room a year ago, January. We had a slight flood in the basement and was forced to get new tile floors, so it was the perfect time to repaint. Britni loves any shade of purple. Previously, she chose two fun and bright shades of purple, but it was too young for this grown up version of Britni. So, we painted again. She chose the bed comforter set from Target. The mirrored dressing table, I used as a teenager in my bedroom. I recovered the bench with material from Ikea, it turned out great! The shelves I got at Treasure's Antiques in Springville. I can't quite remember the price. It had to be a good deal because that's the way I shop. Britni is a collector of many things Disney Princess. Britni is so dramatic and fun that we got the Audrey Hepburn picture at Blockbuster videos! I loved how her room turned out! She has since moved out and took her cool, vintage cabinet with her that I got her one Christmas. She occasionally will come and stay the night, she loves her room more than I do. Those days will soon be gone because she is engaged to be married in July. She is growing up and moving on. This room always makes me smile. We plan on painting the room again, this time for Davis, but not till after the wedding. I can't keep a shrine for each of my kids forever.

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