Friday, March 6, 2009

Addie, Princess, extraordinaire!

I sort of, remember a joke, or was it a cartoon, that goes something like this: A man is talking about how smart his dog is. He says, "My dog can play chess!" The other guy says, "Wow! That is a smart dog!" Which the first one responds, "He's not THAT smart, he only wins 3 out of 4 times!"
Addie, is a Papillon, a usually, cute princess of a dog (she does yap when anyone is at the door or comes in or if Sunny, the sun conure does anything). She is actually Britni's dog. However, Britni lives in an apartment that does not allow dogs.
Addie, is very smart. Jeff, trained her to do a few tricks. She can rollover, dance and count. We have since found out that she loves cheese so much and is so smart that she quickly comes running when we take a cheese bag out of the fridge. She will start dancing by turning around and around. She will rollover too, if you put your hand down low and make a circle in a low vertical direction. So, here comes the 3 out of 4 part. You hold up your fingers. Say, at random, 2, 3 or 4. She will start to bark, in short staccato barks. If she is wrong, we tell her to try again. Then, she does it till she gets it right. Which she usually does, on the first try.

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