Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sheyla's room.

Ok, my house is not from Better Homes and Gardens, I know that. I have a neighbor that is so talented with her home, it really does look like something from a magazine! But, I have had more fun with this home in the last 8+ years than any other home we've had. I've also painted every single room a different color! The desk I found at a "vintage store" in Springville, Treasure's Antiques (next door is Tasha's, which I love too) and purchased it, for $16! The wicker chair I got at the same place for $25! I thought it was a great deal! The pictures actually show two different beds. We now have the full bed in there, because we have moved things around with three of the four kids gone. I bought the bed frames and curtains at Ikea. I love Ikea (but beware, I bought a desk that didn't last long, but a lot of things are sturdy enough and/or very cool and I love them)! The bedspread Sheyla bought for herself from Target, before she moved out once, upon a time, to Cedar City. Sheyla loves Lord of the Rings (one of the framed pictures is Britni's). I got the rug for $25 at Home Depot. I actually painted the flower picture. I know that it's super simple and I copied it from something that I bought, after the frame broke and it ruined the original picture. But putting it all together, makes me happy!

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