Sunday, March 15, 2009

We are trying.

There are lots of things about really young kids that I miss. The daily cute things they say is one of them. There are lots of good things about having older kids too. I usually love all the activity and some of the drama that come everyday. We don't have that much activity and daily drama as we used to have. With three out of four kids out of the house, it can seem so quiet. With two kids on missions, I wish I had lots of great stories to tell. Right now, I just hope to get through a day without a call about one of my missionaries. They are both struggling and sometimes it can break my heart. Missions are much harder than I ever thought!
We have usually tried to have family prayer and scripture every night. Last night, Davis wasn't very cooperative with reading scriptures. So we read, just the two of us, with Davis on the couch, covering his face.
Jeff, said the family prayer. I can only imagine what Jeff was trying to say, "Please, help Chris to start to feel....." Well, what he actually said, was "Please, help Chris to fart......." I couldn't help but, giggle. It took a few moments for Jeff to get his composure and finish the prayer. It made me smile. We don't always need young kids to help us laugh.


Anonymous said...

Farting is natural and should help him tons!

Annie Tangerine said...

Mom, I love you so much and I am so sorry you are so lonely. I will try to be a better daughter and visit more often. I love you lots! I hope Chris and Sheyla do better, I pray for them everyday. I also pray for you, that you may know how much we love and adore you and how greatful we are for your wonderful spirit and strength.