Monday, March 16, 2009

Adoring plants and children...

This is only about half of the plants in my home. I previously said, that I adored my plants. I absolutely adore my husband and children! I do not adore my plants quite that much.
Near the end of Jeff's schooling for his Master's Degree, we had three very young kids, and had to move in with his parents. We had a couple of health scares for Sheyla and Britni and I wasn't able to work as much as I used too. So, Jeff's parents graciously let us live with them. We lived in their spacious basement and the kids were very happy. I learned many things from Jeff's mom, Marlene. I rekindled my love of animals, learned some things about plants by watching and by osmosis, and I learned about the type of grandma and mother-in-law I wanted to be.
Jeff's mom could take any plant and transform it. When my kids were very small, I couldn't have plants in my home because the dirt and planter would end up on the floor and the plant; sideways. As the children grew, I got a few plants that grew. When we moved to this house there were a few plants here that I transplanted into larger pots and they have taken off and grown! I got a few plants from Jeff's mom before they moved to St. George. They have done really well only because they had such a good start. A few more plants still found there way in. I have always liked plants, but it's the bringing them into the right place they like and giving them the right amount of water and care, and learning from my horticultural mistakes that is satisfying. I do enjoy having beautiful, living, green plants in the house that I love. But it's nothing compared to having those four living breathing, uniquely individual, talented, sometimes exhausting, always cherished children of mine in our home! They have taken their roots and are venturing out as they should, and I hope we have done enough so they can find their way to flourish and blossom, where ever they are planted!

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