Saturday, March 14, 2009

Davis's room, for now.

This was Christopher's room before he left on his mission. Davis is using it till he comes back or till we fix Britni's room. We bought a new bed for me and Jeff, in October and we moved our old one to this room. This room used to be a canning kitchen, with a stove top in the near middle of the room. Since, I don't can and we needed the space, we got rid of the old stove top. There isn't a window, but we needed the extra room for our kids. Someday, I would love to get a window in there. It is dark in there. You could sleep in really late and not know what time it is. Except, when your mother comes and wakes you up. I got the big, calming picture at Ikea. The armoire I painted, we got it very early in our marriage. The chair is a classic from Ikea. I have an Eastern United States map so we can keep track of where the missionaries are. I also love how this room turned out. I think of Christopher everytime I'm in there and that makes me smile!

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