Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thank you, Donny Osmond.

Britni wanted to meet us somewhere for Family Home Evening on Monday. We don't always have a lesson. She usually has her own Family Home Evenings with her ward group or however they arrange it. But we always do something as a family, even though our family now consist of just the three of us.
Jeff needed to walk somewhere for his health challenge at work so we decided to meet Britni at a mall close to where she lives. There is a small mall on our way to her apartment, but we decided to go to the mall closer to her. Luckily for her, we did.
First, I got something for Britni to eat at the food court. She misunderstood me that we were having dinner at home. But I am always happy to feed her if she needs to be fed.
Jeff was off to walk and Davis (good thing for cell phones) was with him until Davis went into Radio Shack and/or Game Stop. We met up with Davis at Game Stop, after we were done eating. We walked in and immediately, I saw Donny Osmond standing by the cashier, holding what I assume is his adorable granddaughter. I smiled and walked to Davis. I don't always bug famous people. I usually like to give them their privacy. Britni was walking around and Davis was checking things out. When I didn't see Donny (as if that's what I'd call him, if I knew him). I told Britni who I saw. Well, she had a fit! She was saying, "I LOVE Donny Osmond! I want to SEE Donny Osmond!" She was so excited! I just laughed. She called her dad on the cell phone, who was on his way toward us, after his 2nd or 3rd loop around the mall. He said HE had just seen Donny Osmond. So off we went to find him and we did, in the middle of the mall. He was cute with the aforementioned adorable granddaughter and family (a couple of grandchildren and handsome son). So we walked way past him and then Britni was excitedly talking about him so I got my courage up and we turned around and walked toward Donny (as if I knew him!). So we walk right next to him, Britni didn't want to bother him but I knew she would be so happy to get his picture (she brought her camera). So I boldly went and told Donny that Britni loved him and would he mind if we got a picture with him. So he gave his adorable granddaughter to his handsome son and graciously came and posed with Britni. She was so happy, but expressed her guilt for getting a picture with Donny Osmond.
He was enjoying a night of Family Home Evening with his family. So, I apologize that we bothered him on this sacred night. Although, it was the mall.

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