Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Redbox Mondays

Most of you know that you can receive a text on Mondays, from Redbox to get a one nights free movie. Sometimes, I will go by myself and get a movie. Sometimes, we have gone as a family to get a movie. Sometimes, we end up talking to people in line. I have found people in line for Redbox to be friendly and eager to strike up a conversation. We'll talk about what movie we want to see. What movies we have already seen. What are good and bad movies. It makes the time waiting in line to be enjoyable. I don't always get the free movie. But, yesterday I did. After I went grocery shopping, I got in back of a young mother who quickly told me she wasn't waiting. So, I smiled and went up to the screen. I wasn't sure what movie to see this time. Twilight, won't be out for a couple more weeks. I thought I'd pick Nights in Roadanthe because I haven't seen it yet and I could watch it without my husband, he can only tolerate certain kinds of chick flicks and this wasn't one of them. The free codes I get from my phone are tricky, like yesterdays was: 2GR4N8. Not something simple like "HOPSCOTCH or TOOLBELT". It is not quick for me to enter this magic code as I try to make the screen reappear on my phone. As I was entering my information, like e-mail and zip code. I noticed a large, old man right behind me. I smiled to him, because I'm friendly like that. He asked, "How do you get the video out?" I replied, "It's easy, I can show you". Well, he pointed to the video he wanted, and said, "I want to get that one, my wife heard from someone that it's really good. Can you help me?" I like to be friendly and helpful. So, I smiled and looked and said, "Ok, let's try to find it." So I showed him how to press the screen button to search for the video. We looked through all of the videos, twice. We just couldn't find the video "SexDrive". I didn't laugh or turn red. I only thought of being helpful and friendly to this fat, old man that wanted to find this video, for "his wife". I even wrote the code on a piece of paper for him, so he could get the video someplace else. He asked, "Where else can you find a redbox?" Well, I said, "McDonalds has them." He replied, "Who eats at McDonalds?" Then a woman pushing a cart full of groceries, quickly walked by and said, "Walmart, has them too"!
See, people really are friendly at Redbox!


Annie Tangerine said...

Silly Silly. An old fat man wanting to watch an inappropriate movie. And ironically he doesn't eat at McDonalds! Who doesn't eat there? Even people who hate it eat there!

Mo said...

Ungrateful man. Did you and the woman with the trolley have a laugh

Not quite there yet... said...

He actually did seem appreciative. I really don't think the woman with the cart, knew about what video we were looking at. She really, just whizzed by. It was all surreal! But, as I was telling my husband, I was laughing hysterically!