Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday dinner.

We had Sunday dinner. Britni, Adam and Kyle (Sheyla's friend) came over. I made cupcakes because of Britni's birthday on Friday (I don't even know if she had a cake).
We made a roast in the crock pot but the potatoes didn't finish all the way. I can't seem to always get everything to work out for dinner but it was yummy enough! It was even better to have so many for dinner (Jeff didn't want to get his picture taken--Chris is growing a goatee and still, he is handsome---Davis loves when Adam and Kyle comes over).
Kyle brought over Root beer Shake cookies! I've never heard of them before but WOW they were amazing! Everyone LOVED them! Kyle's Mom was sweet to make them for him to bring and share with us!
He sure misses Sheyla!
I made cupcakes and Jeff helped ice them. Yummy! We sang to Britni (I didn't buy any candles and only had a 0 candle---in no way a reflection of how we feel about Britni---just shows that I don't always plan well---it turned out great anyway! We talked, we laughed and played 5 crowns (I even won)! What fun!

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Mo said...

Certainly looks like everyone is having fun