Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Randomness of Wednesday.

Sunny LOVES her new mirror.
Davis LOVES Rubik's cube and I just gave him one yesterday (I bought it about a month ago).
He has wanted to see Transformers in such a bad way. He went to school today so we could see that movie. It is one of the most stupid movies of all time, behind Land of the Lost (which IS THE most stupid and crude movie ever). Do not ever see Land of the Lost (friends don't let friends see stupid movies). I don't recommend Transformers but Davis liked it because of all the robots and cars. It is so stupid that I had to stop myself frequently from laughing out loud hysterically and rolling in the isle of the theater. It IS THAT stupid!
Addie is still cute if not obnoxious.
Ellie, the queen Sheba of a cat.

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