Monday, June 15, 2009

Chivaree isn't dead and I don't mean Chivalry.

My daughter is getting married July 10th. We already know that the grooms family plans on a Chivaree. They have been doing so for over 100 years. Now Chivalry is when a man acts like a gentleman. Chivaree by definition is a noisy, mock-serenade to newlyweds, followed by a party. However, in this case, the grooms family kidnaps the bride any time during the day of the wedding, many times during the reception. They may take her to McDonald's, a jail, a mall, a walk down a street or anywhere else they so desire. There is no guarantee as to time and place. So our Britni can be kidnapped during her reception (or before) and not be able to cut the wedding cake or stand in the reception line.
There is no negotiation. There will be no mercy because Dear Mr. Fiance is 24 and has participated in many a Chivaree in his day. He says he doesn't want his bride taken. We DON'T WANT our bride taken. They take no thought or consideration of the brides family and what our tradition is: which is having the bride present for the whole wedding celebration. They take no thought or consideration of the time and money that may be affected (there better not be any damage to the wedding dress--I am prepared to bill them for the damage--and about willing to bill them for the percentage of the price of the reception that Britni may miss). We will not go down without a fight (which isn't a pleasant thought at the start of a sweet new marriage).
We are going to have many family and friends dressed and acting as body guards. We are calling campus police (since we are having the reception on a college campus). We are even going to call the city police. We are going to do everything in our power to prevent such nonsense!
Britni is trying to be a good fiance and future daughter-in-law by having a good attitude about it (even though it frequently causes contention when the subject is brought up). Britni says she is going to demand that her photographer come with her. If she is getting kidnapped she might as well have fun and get some pictures (it's not as easy being the parents of the bride, who have to pay for the festivities whether our daughter is there or not)!
It's hard to believe that people do this sort of thing in 2009!
Yes, it is true, Chivaree isn't dead!

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