Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lunch with Britni: noodles & company!

Britni introduced me to noodles & company and now, it is one of my favorite restaurants! Occasionally, I will take or meet Britni here for lunch. Britni is one month away from getting married and is stressed and busy. She has to work almost everyday this week and it wouldn't work for us to go OUT to eat so I went out and brought her lunch today! Yummy. Her favorite is Pesto Cavatappi. My favorite is Pasta Fresca.
Many times after we go out to eat at said noodles & company we will go next door (actually two doors) and get a small yogurt at red mango. That is now my favorite yogurt shop. Too bad (or not) it's so far away. I didn't get any today but fantasize about the next time I can savor the tangy-decadent-but-non-fat-creaminess-of-bliss (I add strawberries or raspberries but YOU can add a few other fresh fruits or additions). Try it, you'll like it!
By the way: Britni will often get one gummy bear to hide in her yogurt or ice cream (if we are at an ice cream place). So, when she finds the one gummy bear, it's like a party surprise of delight in her mouth. Silly kid.

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