Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Britni!

Britni was born 5 days after Sheylas third birthday, while Chris was 18 months old. Boy, it was tough. But look how ADORABLE they all are!
They all loved each other and they played with each other and they sometimes fought with each other. Absolutely, Chris and Sheyla loved Britni. At times they could be a handful, but I adore each of my children! I feel so lucky to be their mother!
Britni is growing up. She still likes that one gummy bear in the ice-cream or yogurt thing, so that shows she is still a kid at heart. She is thoughtful and brought me flowers yesterday when I was sad. She is practicing for a play at UVU. She is so talented! Adam and Britni go to the temple almost every week. She is a very spiritually minded girl. For many reasons, she is amazing!
Adam and Britni ARE adorable. One month and 5 days till they get married!
Happy Birthday, Britni! We love you!

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