Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Home Evening/The Grotto

I have heard of the Grotto for many years. I've wanted to go but I haven't, not till this evening. Chris took a girl this weekend and it sounded so great. I really, really wanted to go. So we decided to go as we were talking at dinner.
Some of the things we saw on the ride up to the Grotto: someone not stopping for a police truck--followed by an ambulance, a chubby toddler shaking and almost bringing down a young sapling tree, two chickens on a corner yard of a house in a subdivision, tons of beautiful trees, a rumbling full stream, and red and purple wildflowers.
We hiked only about 15 minutes, up a well marked trail with long halved logs crisscrossing the stream along the way.
Then, we saw a beautiful waterfall in the mountains of Payson Canyon!
It looked so tempting that Davis and I walked up to the side of it and decided to get mostly wet. It took my breath away!
It was so AWESOME!

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