Saturday, June 6, 2009

Britni got a brand new bike.

We gave Britni a new cute pink cruiser bike. I knew she would love it. I thought it'd be fun for Adam and Britni to take bike rides together.
Britni said that Adam woke her up at 4:30 in the morning and took her and two room mates out to breakfast at IHOP. That is where it all started, other than being in a play together. They went as a group from the play so many months ago and sat next to each other, flirted and had fun. The first sparks of what could and would be. Adam is a romantic and that is exactly what Britni needs and has always wanted.
He gave her 19 gifts yesterday because she turned 19 and each one had significance and was very sweet. One of the sweetest gifts has to do with the movie UP and Britni. In the movie the little girl who turned into the old woman had a scrapbook with the title of Adventure Book. At first the old man felt bad that his wife didn't have any adventures but when he finally looked at the book there were pictures of their life together. That was her adventure, their life together. It made Britni cry. Adam made her an Adventure Book for THEIR life together. How sweet is that!

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