Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Warning and reading glasses.

We are in the process of addressing invitations.
In our invitations we are adding this note:

WARNING! -Groom's family has threatened a Chivaree (they plan on kidnapping the Bride)--Bride may not be present for part of the reception (there is no guarantee when they may attempt this). Bodyguards will be present. However, if you see someone, other than the groom or her parents, taking the bride out of the reception, please feel free to safely intervene if possible.

If I can't do much about the situation, I want to warn our family and friends. I have NEVER been to a reception where the bride wasn't there. I just don't want it to be a surprise even though it still may be a surprise, if it does happen. I don't want violence, but I'm not against the police getting involved. I don't want a bunch of people calling 911 but I wouldn't mind if the police were close by to intervene. I DON'T want them taking Britni away!

BTW: It is official. I am getting old--ish. Today, I bought my first pair of reading glasses (I haven't used them yet except for in the store, to see how well they work--and they do). It's not dire. I just have to hold the written word farther and farther away and my arms are only so long. And the print gets smaller and smaller.

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