Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday!

We met Britni at 8:45 this morning to order her wedding cake. Three more weeks till she gets married! Yikes!
Davis and I went to BYU to buy Jeff Father's Day presents. He LOVES BYU (he did attend and graduate from BYU)! If money were no object, I'd buy him a Harley Davidson motorcycle. But money does matter, so I bought him a BYU frame for his scooter license plate, two BYU keyrings, a BYU cup, a BYU notebook, a BYU pair of socks, and a BYU tee shirt. I got a free BYU gift bag to put everything in!
Davis and I went bowling at BYU.
We went to DI (a second hand thrift store). I found this darling little dresser for $15!
Then we came home and I painted the cute little dresser!

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Mo said...

The cute little dresser looks even cuter after the make over