Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How does your garden grow?

It has rained so much for more than a week that today was the first day I watered the garden for more than a week. I pulled some weeds and noticed some green peppers growing. It may be a very narrow garden but at least, it is growing.
We have a bunch of grape vines that have been here since before we moved here. They are beautiful and are growing over my father's old wooden ladder.
This is a wild bunch of some kind of tiny rose. It is the most beautiful and biggest it's ever been.
Today, Davis is home sick (he has summer school this week) and Chris is working somewhere that is a few hours away this week, doing construction (he is staying in a hotel with some of the other workers). So, today was different and I did most things inside. I vacuumed upstairs, did a bunch of laundry, picked up and even cheated and cleaned in Chris's room (I don't think he realizes how messy he is and he had about 7 dirty towels on the floor of his room---we only have so many towels--and it was such a mess that I decided to clean some of his room up---even though I am trying to let him do his own laundry and clean his own stuff--he is 20--he is capable of much but since he is away I can't stand the mess so I caved and cleaned his stuff anyway). I made pasta and steamed some shrimp for Davis for lunch (I don't like sea food and Davis LOVES it and occasionally I'll get some for him because he loves it so).
I went outside to take pictures because I have been inside for too long today. I'm glad we have such large picture windows so I can enjoy outside even when I'm forced to stay inside. I'm glad that I can be here when Davis is sick and take care of him. I'm glad that we have a new vacuum cleaner and that it works so well and the floor can get so clean. I'm glad that last year we found a swamp cooler that works so well for our upstairs and it's so comfortably cool in the house. I'm glad that Jeff will be home soon and we can do whatever we want or just stay home and relax. I'm glad I'm almost done with making Chicken Broccoli Casserole.
I love Summer and these pictures capture some of the reasons why.

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