Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Home Evening/The Grotto Part 2

The waterfall was so invigorating and fun! Lots of people were hiking along the trail and enjoying the Grotto.
The grotto was so beautiful! I find it amazing something like this exists so close to our house! It only took about 25 minutes or less to drive to the pull off to park for the hike (whatever it is called where there is a large area for many cars to park). It was a very easy hike for Chris, Jeff and Davis. I was breathing quite hard but not having a heart attack, so that's always good.
We finally talked Chris in going under the water fall. He did go under the fall during the weekend but didn't want to get wet tonight but changed his mind.
So we decided we would all walk THROUGH the waterfall. Chris and Davis were so quick and brave--they blasted through.
So, after gathering some bravery, I plowed through and right after the water fall the water came up to my upper thighs before walking out. Boy, was I wet and cold but so HAPPY that I did it! Jeff came with us but didn't want to get wet. I don't know if he was smart or chicken. I couldn't pass it up. I LOVE waterfalls! I recommend ANYONE to make the trip (especially if you live within an hour or so of Payson Canyon. It's FREE and AMAZING!

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