Friday, January 13, 2012

Finished Project #2. Painted Panel.

 Finished painting!
I was inspired by a painting on this post here. Fourth picture down.
1. It reminds me of mazes that I draw.
2. I thought maybe, I might be able to paint something like that.
 I know I'm not a good painter
(that's not the point).
I know it isn't great
 (that's not the point either).
What I lack in skill I make up in desire and an adventurous spirit.
It turned out better than I thought it was going
to turn out while I was actually painting it
and worrying how it was turning out
(that made sense in my head).
I'm not about perfection.
I even cut my own bangs today.
The best part is: 0 dollars spent.
I know what you may be thinking:
1. You paid too much.
2. I really don't like it.
What I hope you are thinking:
1. Good for you for trying something different!
2. If you are ok with it, that's all that matters
(you meaning me).
It'll do.
For now.
Here are some things I loved this week:
Look at this near perfect house in its near minimal perfection
but what is that above the fireplace? Someone has a great sense of humor.
11th pictures from the top/8th picture from the bottom
So many things to love.
Fun words.
So much to love.
Gotta love shrinky-dinks.

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Britni Wing said...

It turned out awesome! I love it. You should paint something for my house.