Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I love that i-Phone camera and thoughts on art.

On my way to the grocery store yesterday
I noticed two miniature horses in a pasture
and I got so excited I had to stop and take some pictures.
The Camera+ app is so easy to use
even I can use it.
I just love that miniaturizing special effect.
I also had another picture of the deer that I tweaked.
Yesterday I started my art work
and realized once again that I am no artist nor am I very creative.
I was so happy and high with the results of my camera photos
that later I plummeted in defeat 
of the reality of my non-skills
(well, that may be a bit too dramatic but
I was feeling kind of like I was in Kindergarten but not as cute
although I've seen some pretty talented 5 and 6 year old painters
so I may be overstating my ability).

I'm still working on it.
I'm not giving up.
We can't all be Picasso, Paul Ferney or Lucy Fenton
but I enjoy pretending or at least thinking about it.

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Keep the positive attitude. Not all my crafts end up on the blog AND Josie's dollhouse wallpaper project almost didn't happen because I hated it so much.

Love the phone app. Very cool.