Friday, January 27, 2012

Love that it's Friday!

It's hard to find the perfect place for a Valentine's Day Origami Ball. 
I thought right above where I sleep was perfect.

Addie was there so I had to take her picture.

Look at yesterdays post for information about the Origami Ball I made.
I really love it.
It just may not be very practical.
But if we only displayed or loved practical things
what's the fun in that!
That's why they called it Christmas Origami.
You have a ready made holder for such loveliness.
I'm still ok with a Valentine's Day Origami Ball
(well, I could give it to Jeff).

Here's what I loved this week
(other than that Origami Ball):
The first picture I just can't get over.
Even tho it's called Granny squares they seem all kinds of cool.
This is so true and all kinds of right.
Super groovy kind of guy.
Is that weird that he fascinates me so.
 A barber and archivist (not activist).
Handle bar mustache.
He will fascinate you too.
Love LOVE those walls.
Want to make these. 
This baby just makes you smile.
Just try not to smile.
Just try.
All kinds of cute
(thought I was done with that all kinds of silly didn't you).


Kim K. said...

Love all the shots of your bedroom and your glorious origami project. Have a fabulous weekend.

Aimee - said...

Your blog is SUPER cute! Thanks LOTS for visiting earlier! I'm excited to be your newest follower!!! I'd love it if you would share the 'LoVe!' on your next visit to It's Overflowing!!!

XO, Aimee
Your New Bloggy Friend

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